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Competitive athlete or a weekend worrier, we are taking the individual approach to getting you healthy and back to your sport or daily activity!


We incorporate sports medicine and exercise science-based injury prevention programs.

Our Certifications

Boost athletes morale, decrease work and athletes injuries therefore cutting time-off from your activity.

Licensed Athletic Trainer

An athletic trainer is a certified and licensed health care professional who practices in the field of sports medicine.

Athletic Trainer Certified

Athletic training encompasses the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions.

Corrective Exercise Specialist

A Corrective Exercise Specialist is an expert in human movement assessment. They accurately analyze a client’s movement patterns, identify overactive and underactive muscle groups and compensations

American Institute of Balance

The American Institute of Balance (AlB) was founded in 1992 and is among the country’s largest multi-specialty centers for evaluation and treatment of dizziness and balance disorders.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Certified

Vestibular rehabilitation (VR), also known as vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT), is a specialized form of physical therapy used to treat vestibular disorders or symptoms, characterized by dizziness, vertigo, and trouble with balance, posture, and vision.

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Are you ready for a consultation?

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Our Services

Injury Prevention

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Bluffton SC

Preventing Hazards in the athletic event

The first step to understanding how to prevent athletic injuries is to know why they often occur.

  • Muscle dysfunction – Skeletal muscles show reduced strength and/or reduced endurance ,being unable to perform their physiological tasks adequately. This can be expressed both as fatigue or weakness.
  • Overuse – repetitive strain injuries impacts muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons. These types of injuries can be caused by improver techniques or overuse.

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Bluffton SC

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation is a set of treatments that can help you recover strength and the ability to move your muscles and joints. This kind of treatment may be used after an accident, injury, or disease that makes you less able to move your muscles or joints.

Your musculoskeletal system is the muscles and bones in your body. These are the parts of your body that help you move, lift, and work with tools.

Soft Tissue Management

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Bluffton SC

Soft tissues include, muscles, tendons ligaments, and nerves.

Soft tissue manipulation covers a range of treatments which aim to improve the mobility of stiff, immobile soft tissues and those with poor circulation due to inactivity or increased tension. It is also used to help mobilize scar tissue, thereby preventing long term recurrence of inflammation.

Professional stretching

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Bluffton SC

Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend worrier, we are taking the individual approach to getting you healthy and back to your sport or daily activity! Each program would be personalized to your needs. We use different techniques such as static stretching, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), strain counter strain, joint mobs, muscle energy, and many more. Our staff has more than 15 years of expertise along with the latest research on stretching techniques.

Functional Movement Screening

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Bluffton SC

FMS was developed to help clinicians and health care professions screen individuals for risk of injury and/or a dysfunctional or performance-limiting movement pattern.

Health and Wellness Programs

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Bluffton SC

Based on your goals, we will customize a workout program for your needs, rather it is for an athletic event, to get healthier, or lose weight.